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The Database contains performing arts related events from 1865 to the present.

Since 2019, Event Participants can upload their event-related works, documents, catalogs and artworks

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If you wish to find events complemented by more then 3600 visuals, search by 'Events with Visuals'

 Please, be aware that all visuals are the property of the maker and protected by copyright


Object collection

The object collections are different from the Event-related visuals.
Objects are unique works of art such as sketches, models, drawings, posters, etc.

DNA members inventory their work and can choose to make objects public or keep them hidden for private use.
The general public can only view the objects with the status 'Public YES'

As an example, see the poster collection by the well-known designer Anthon Beeke 
and work of other DNA members



Building the canon of scenography

Work published with the courtesy of the artists. 

Anthon Beeke, Bart Visser, Bert Nienhuis, Dhian Siang Lie, Carly EveraertFloris Guntenaar*, Herman GordijnJan Joris Lamers, Jan Klatter, Vincent de Kooker, Erik A. KouwenhovenJavier López Piñón, Jos Wong, Mirjam Grote GanseyPaul GallisPeter Schat*, Rieks Swarte, Rien BekkersStans Lutz

*) Links directly to the artist website with the data sources retrieved from the DNA database

Please note that the information uploaded by the members can only be found and used for research if the creator gives explicit permission for publication. Some important work or documentation is of course kept private by its owner, only selected work is shown publicly or open for research. 




The organization index mainly shows Dutch theatres, producers, museums, companies and a variety of cultural institutions. 
The list has two 'main groups': Venue (location) and Producer (producer. theater company, or other producing institution) 

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Who's who


This Who's Who list is mainly imported from the Dutch Theater database. Since the import in 2019 new members are registered.

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