Dynamic Archive Foundation

The DynamischArchief Foundation (DNA) was established in 2019 at the request of the Theater Foundation in the Netherlands.
DNA Foundation is the legal owner and manager of the affiliated art-related portals. 
A large part of the DNA content -in particular the event history- is imported from the collection database of the Dutch Theater Collection. Since june 2019 data are imported by producers, indivdual members, and other umbrella organizations.

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Dhian Siang Lie  (chair), Gilles de Jong (treasurer) en Javier López Piñón (executive secretary)

Floris Guntenaar, Fred Klaassen, Jan KlatterMaarten Kloos, Joke van Pelt en Prof. P. Paul Mijksenaar.

The Advisory Board is an independent advisory body within the DNA Foundation. The members were chosen on the basis of their expertise in specific fields, so that together they can offer the right support to the board. Members can provide advice to the board both solicited and unsolicited, the members of the Board will be consulted on important decisions, both internally and externally.

The 'Issue Service' offers 24/7 support. Questions and problems are distributed via this Issue tracker to the members of the support team depending on the type of problem: content and daily use, technical or structural. 

Yen-kim Banh (communication), Thaimon Vlaar & Laurens van der Klis (IT-architects), Gina Lagendijk (cybersecurity)

Team members can only be contacted through the 'Issue Service', available after login.

DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY BV and CrossmarX BV take care of the technical implementation and development at the various levels, respectively implementation, and software.