New developments and functionalities

The dynamic archive is based on a Digital Assets Management system developed since 2000. The current bottom-up system (since 2019) is an adaptation of the original all-in-one system: a work-in-progress, developed according to the requirements of its users. New developments and functionalities are published on this page.

Concept scenario 2022 and onwards
The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1922. Designed by H. T. Wijdeveld.
Virtual exhibition directed by Peter Eversmann, UVA Theater Sciences, in cooperation with the UVA 4D Research Lab and the Allard Pierson theater collection


ART & network archiving
Final project presentations of the Archiving Art Course at the Roeterseiland campus (REC).
Part of the research support meant collecting data of STEIM participants. One example is the 25 years of STEIM event including the list of participants. Missing participants can apply to be included in the STEIM Network.

ART & network archiving
Presentation by DynamischArchief.nl at University of Amsterdam (UvA) for the MA course Archiving ART & network archiving; the Masters in Theatre Studies program. Part of this program is the course and research entitled 'Archiving Arts' by Dr. Hannah Bosma and STEIM about their current network archiving project.
The term 'network archive' is introduced in november 2021 by dr. Hanna Bosma (UVA, Faculty of Humanities Capaciteitsgroep Muziekwetenschap). The exisiting SaaS feature and datamodel was named as 'collective archiving', the 'network archiving' is considered to be an upgrade to a more focused and defined group co-operation.

Archiving by Storytelling
Individual participants write about their experiences in their own field with the aim of providing insight to younger generations, students and starters in the cultural sector. In addition to describing experiences and visions, the archiving by storytelling module provides a direct link to related events, object catalog and audio-visuals that are relevant to the subject.
'Archiving by Storytelling' is a method of archiving offered by DynamicArchief.nl. Like 'archiving by design', this method of 'live' archiving of current affairs is a comparable but new, more personal form of archiving. Your stories, comments, opinions and other topics, can be uploaded. Links to objects, pictures and events can be made in the editorial pages and chapters of your own narrative.

28 juni 2021: artikel in de Theaterkrant 

NEW: WordPress plugin.
The DNA Wordpress plugin serves our users: existing websites have access to their own data as uploaded in the archive.
No duplication of work. Selected records appear in the owner's website typography.

DNA offers a support team for the production of visuals: film editing of streaming production recordings and movies for web presentation. For information use the request form.

Presentation Dynamic Archive at the DEN 'Digitale Transformatie Conferentie'

At this day the database contains 3080 Images, 969 Compositions, 121 Recordings, 421 Objects, 17 Library items, 156 Documents, 1177 analogue registrations and 860 Photo inventories. Data are uploaded by 152 private members.
Data are only public when accorded by the owner. All visuals related to events are public.

Import of 982 sculptors from the Beelden aan Zee / Sculptuur instituut database.
Sculptors in the present list can get access to their account to add more work to their own collection.
(visit the subscription page)

Import of 189 musicians & composers and 969 Compositions from the Donemus Publishers database.
Musicians and composers in the present list can get access to their account to add more work to their own collection.
(visit the subscription page)

The Education project is being implemented in the DNA application and shared with the first four 'teachers' in the fields of scenography and music. The public opening is scheduled later this year.

DAL foundation starts the zetel catalogue in concert with its member designers. A work in progress, more news will follow soon.

Producers get access to publish new productions in the event agenda.
Use the subscription page to apply for 'producers membership'

25-11-2020 onward
DEN archiefdoorlichtingstraject: Webinar

29-10-2020 onward
Presentation & Training at HKU, MA Programme Scenography
HKU • University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands.

Includes a free import of your present data stored in excel.
Data imported from other systems such as Adlib/Axiell, Past Perfect, etc. need consultation.

9-10-2020 new
Archiving Movement notations added to the Event database (Labanotation Benesh)

Your network* new
Keep in touch with your colleagues. This new feature finds all people you have worked with listed in the events database. 

15-8- 2020 new
The Archive has a new feature 'Photo inventory'  based on the standard registration used by the Dutch photo archives. Data can be linked to other archives of choice by the photographer and the consent of the chosen archives

26-4-2020 new
DynamicArchive.nl offers its own Video Conference service within the 'Project Module'
See more on page Projects to learn how to use it.
Conferences  can be recorded and archived in the DNA database if desired.

28-03-2020 onward
Cooperative meetings about Linked Open Data, unique ID's and DERA architecture.
Participants: Ministerie van OCW, Allard Pierson, Dip.nl, DEN, ArchiXL and Theaterkrant

28-02-2020 new
The Venue section (date, time and location) as part of the Events (performance, exhibit, etc.) has a new section 'Technical requirements'. This feature serves all Venue producers with the technical data required for the planned event at their location.

17-2-2020 new
115 Musicians added to the directory and production platform. All 115 musicians are related to the project MokumSymphony.nl.

1-1-2020 - onward
The list of participants is currently being corrected. People who are wrongly linked to performances (in particular to music theater and opera productions) are corrected. Since the import of performances comes from the theater database, these corrections should 'return' to the source database. On September 21nd 1583 participant corrections were made. We kindly ask our visitors to report errors so we can verify and correct them.

Manuals are regularly updated
Manual Movies are to be found on your dashboard after login. The movies will open in Safari and Firefox, other Browsers may ask you to download the Movies before viewing.

The archive officially started in June 2019. The application is based on the ArchiveTech.net Collection Management System for museums and galleries. Since January 2019, the system has been adapted for use by individual makers, performers and art-producing companies. The project module is a new concept and an important addition to the system. The project module is a work in progress. DynamicArchive.nl welcomes comments and advice from its users. Please, use the issue tracker (top right in menu after login) to communicate about usage and structural issues.

*) Your network

Keep in touch with your colleagues. This new feature finds all people you have worked with listed in the events database
After login, choose 'Directory' > 'Collaborated with'